Sharpei Eyes

If your Sharpei looks like he or she may be squinting and clearly can’t see through droopy wrinkled eyelids or has any kind of eye discharge, the chances are the cornea may already be damaged especially if the cornea opacity looks in the slightest bit cloudy, your dog needs corrective surgery to relieve it’s constant severe pain, and if caught early enough, your dog’s vision may be able to be restored depending on how much damage has already been done.

Commonly the Sharpei breed of dog also displays a withdrawn personality-because eyelids, eyelashes and hair rub on the cornea of the eye ball causing severe pain.

Almost all Sharpei’s need corrective eye surgery.

Most Sharpei’s need surgery in both eyes upper and lower lids. Eye lid lift entropion surgery can fix the problems.

Other Breeds may also have entropion problems; for example tiny dogs with big eyes like the Chihuahua, also Blood Hounds, and St Bernard’s may have entropion problems.

If you have a dog with excess skin or  wrinkles above the eye brows, your dog may have entropion eye problems, any dog can be affected not just Sharpei’s or dogs with excess skin.

Drooping or Squinting Eyes

If it isn’t immediately obvious, it is always sensible to check your dogs eyes regularly as it’s is maturing and aging, making sure no eyelashes or eyelid skin with hair on the lid is curling inward to make contact with the eyeball, If you are unsure, please make an appointment for an eye check up.


Human perspective

From a human perspective, it’s very hard to have an outgoing personality when in severe eye pain.

Imagine going shopping or trying to drive with an eyelash in your eye, it would be unthinkable with all of your eyelashes rubbing on your eyeballs like torture.

Can you imagine what these poor dogs are going through prior to corrective surgery.


Sharpei Eyes – Before and After Surgery

This Adult Sharpei Dog is not sleeping even though it looks like this dog is asleep with his eyes closed.

The reason this sharpei looks like he is sleeping is due to having excess skin.
This dog has not been able to see his owner for 4 years. He has only been able to hear and detect his owner using other sences.

We did corrective surgery (entropian surgery) to restore this dogs vision and remove the excess skin covering the dogs eyes. Sadly sharpei dogs are either born with or develop “an excess of excess skin” preventing them from seeing the world, their family and in most cases damaging the eye perminantly. Also a very painful condition to have eyelashes turned in rubbing on the eye surface constantly.

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