Leg Amputation

Leg Amputation

Due to a fracture to the dog’s leg caused by a tumour, we removed the dog’s leg.

Amputation is not all Bad News there’s Positive News too.

4 Facts on the brighter side of Amputation

News that your Pet’s leg needs to be amputated can not only be devastating, it’s usually accompanied by fear and a multitude of emotions. The good news is, this “human fear” is unnecessary.

  • Fact #1 Pets with three legs can live healthy, happy and long lives.
  • Fact #2 Pets with three legs need minimal adjustment to their current lifestyle and yours.
  • Fact #3 Most animals with three legs aren’t considered helpless, handicapped or disabled.
  • Fact #4 The biggest barrier Pets with three legs have to overcome is caused by “us humans”. It’s important to address concerns, and overcome fears to avoid these feelings rubbing off on Pets. If humans have fearful attitudes, Pets may feel that fear and become unnecessarily anxious or stressed. Were here to help, we encourage you to contact us with any concerns.

How long does it take for a Pet to recover from amputation?

Under normal circumstances and provided any unforeseen complications are minimal, Animals usually recover from the surgery relatively quickly. Once the leg or necessary part there of is removed, the Pets pain is gone and relief is almost immediate.

Common Causes of Amputation

The most common cause of amputation is bone cancer of the leg. Bone cancer is usually a very painful and debilitating disease. Fortunately, the animal can get a great deal of relief from amputation, even if the cancer has spread, can live a longer, happier, healthier life without the diseased limb.
Other common causes include accident, abuse, and untreated fractures that become septic.


Leg Amputation

Leg Amputation

Please contact us if you suspect your Pet has any abnormalities or if you have any concerns. We’re here to help.



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