Postoperative Care in Our Hospital and at Home

Postoperative care refers to the care an animal receives following a surgical procedure.

This includes pain management and wound care, often there will be aditional medication to take home as well with simple instructions.
All of our patients receive postoperative care.

The type of postoperative care animals require depends on the type of surgery they have. The duration of extra special care varies too, some animals will recover at a faster rate in their own familiar home environment with their families.

There are also times when you will need to bring your pet back for post operative treatment, cast adjustments or removal, post-operative and general check up examinations to ensure recovery is progressing well.

In some cases animals receiving major or emergency surgery also need intensive round the clock, specialised postoperative veterinary care.
Our Veterinary hospital is equipped for all aspects of specialised care for all pets.

Post-operative care begins immediately after surgery, for the duration of the animals hospital stay, and may continue after the animal is discharged from the Hanly veterinary clinic and hospital.

Post operative care at home after pets have been discharged.

It may be necessary for your pet to be given medication for a period of time following surgery depending on treatment required.
We help you understand and explain how to administer medication, what your pet needs and when. We will also advise you if your pet needs any dietary adjustments or specific dietary supplements to aid in recovery.

The Hanly Veterinary team are always available for help and support. We welcome and encourage you to contact us with your questions or any concerns.


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