Dr. Gary Hanly talks about the health benefits of sterilising your pets

Why Sterilise Female Dogs?


  • Sterilising females removes risk of pregnancy
  • Eliminates the hassles caused by menstruation
  • Stops males dogs chasing and distressing your female dog
  • Prevents uterine prolapse, a condition requiring surgery
  • Reduces the risk of mammary and ovarian cancer
  • Stops pyometra which leads to toxic shock and death.
  • Enables your pet to have a normal happy life disease free.
  • Saves pet owners stress and worry about the unknown
  • Saves pet owners potential long term vet bills
Normal Uterus and Pyometra


Pyometra of a dog's uterus

Uterine Prolapse

Testicle Cancer Before and After

Dr. Gary Hanly talks about why is it so important to sterilise your pets

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