Laser treatment has become routine

Laser is the most modern non-invasive medical treatment for all species (including humans!) for every tissue trauma, skin to bones. For chronic skin and ear infections, gum and mouth ulcers, arthritis, vestibular syndrome.
All tissues are laser responsive.

The more we use LASER, the more astonished we are at the rapid positive results. No doubt the owners and pets are also.

Laser treatment has become routine and essential to our practice of medicine and surgery.


Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Discovery/defined by Einstein in 1917.

120 years later the K Laser Platinum Class IV evolved. The most researched and sophisticated advance in laser technology and applicable to the body’s healing process.

Treatment is based on many variables. Wavelengths, power, energy applied per unit area, dosage and penetration, size and depth of the target tissue, power density, time domain of the laser “strobe” effect and pulsating frequency, time, wave delivery, intense super pulse for penetration and absolution.

Complex – YES!

The final parameter is target tissues- Hair, skin, hips, necks, backs, joints, bones, soft tissue, surgical incision, pain anywhere in the body, post-operative healing, fractures.


Physiological effects of Laser

1. Increased metabolic activity
2. Accelerated tissue repair and growth
3. Faster healing of wounds and bones
4. Reduced fibrous scar formation
5. Moderating inflammation by vasodilation and lymphatic drainage
6. Analgesia- increased blood circulation washes away “kin-ins” and increases pain modulating endorphins and enkephalins from the brain and adrenal glands
7. Improved vascular activity- New capillaries in damaged tissue, more blood flow and faster healing
8. Improved nerve function- Speeds up the process of nerve cell reconnection and function
9. Local immune response with increase granulation, cellular energy production and healing preventing infection
10. Overall, the well being of the body, mind and soul



Inflammation is the bodies response to damage, and the basis of healing inflammation is primarily a cellular and subcellular event in all damaged tissues.
Healing begins at a cellular level.
Cellular chromophores within the blood stream and the mitochondria absorb laser energy.
Water, haemoglobin and cytochrome-c-oxidase are targeted.

This improves efficiency of the respiratory chain increasing synthesis of ATP, also reactive oxygen species such as Nitric Oxide, Super-oxide-disutase and a shift to a redox state.

A cascade of effects increase DNA, RNA synthesis, fibroblasts, macrophages, lymphocytes, growth factor release, neurotransmitter release, collagen synthesis, increase function of Sodium/Potassium pump, increase oxygen, nutrients, enhanced protein and enzyme production and growth, faster repair of damaged tissues, moderate inflammatory response and analgesia, not unlike body cortisones do!

The result- Pain reduction, inflammatory reduction of swelling, edema, bruising, heat, improved function.


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