Dr Gary Hanly is long retired now. In an Interview – Years ago he talked about why is it so important to sterilise (de-sex) your pets.
Our current Veterinary Team share these same thoughts today.

Author Karin Pearson – TV Presenter

Getting a new kitten is exciting for any family, but you may be a little shocked at the journey some of them have made to get to your Home in WA. The sad reality is, that they often arrive at Hanly Vet in a bag dropped at the doorstep.

Thousands of kittens and puppies are dumped at Vets and at rescue centres every year and many of them are euthanised because they can’t find new homes.

Sterilising your pet – male or female – is the most effective way to prevent unwanted kittens or puppies from being dumped, which is exactly why Hanly Vet offer the procedure at an AFFORDABLE price.

According to Dr Gary Hanly, “We see so many animals come in here with accidental pregnancies and often circumstances mean that people can’t keep the kittens or pups, so we’re terminating when we’re desexing. Mass killing has never been an answer. Beginning at the breeding end, before they arrive, is common sense.”

“Animals are usually more content once they’ve been desexed. They’re not so aggressive towards other animals, less territorial, Stops urinating all over place. So, you avoid a lot of other potential problems too.”

The procedure itself takes little time, carries few risks and it won’t change your pet at all. Hanly Vet perform about four thousand sterilisations every year.

The Hanly Vet team have been committed to saving the lives of animals for more than 50 years and as a member of the National Desexing Network they are committed to offering sterilisation at an affordable price.

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