Fat Cat aged 5 years
Weight 10.9 kg
Has been on a Diet of biscuits and Canned Food.

Grossly Overweight – The Problem is Obesity

A Diet of Natural food,  for example, roo meat, chicken,  fish refer to internet diets.

Don’t let your cat become obese and develop health problems.

Cats evolve over a millions of years eating natural diets so let them eat a natural diet.

Unrefined food takes longer to digest. The stomach / intestines remain full,
the cat does not feel hungry and ravenous.

Refined foods, Biscuits, cans are rapidly digested and the cat is always hungry and demanding food.

Fat and salt content makes them fast food junkies addicted to fat and salt.

Feed Natural feed healthy.

Roo meat is the closet to healthy natural diet, this can save lots of money.

Why pay 80% for water, can, label, advertising on packaging and 10% food.

Biscuits cause lots of gut and bladder problems, avoid them.

Fat Cat
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