Dog chronic ear problems

Dogs are frequently presented with recurrent ear infections over years, some from 6 months of age. Repeat treatments are not effective; infection keeps recurring every 2-3 months. Dogs aged 3,7,8,10 years had this problem all their life.

Ear infections cause

  • Constant pain and personality changes
  • Permanent damage to ear pinna and canal, loss of hearing
  • Ruptured ear drum, loss of hearing
  • Middle ear infections into bone structures

Primary cause is ear structure X-S folds blocking canal, no effective ear canal. The only effective treatment is surgery.

  • Aural resection (Zepps operation) remove outside ‘cup’ of ear and reconstruct for drainage and air ventilation, looks like a human ear, has 90% cure rate.
  • Tympanic bulla ablation-more radical and last resort for non-responsive 10%
  • We invented a simple implant drain into the bulla for 2-3 months as a cheap, effective alternative to bulla osteotomy. Permanent drainage allows a self-cure.

The first option is the aural resection for long term ear problems.

after ear resection

Sadly these options are rarely mentioned or discussed by attending vets, so the dog suffers day after day, year after year and useless and costly treatment is continued with no permanent curative effect.

Dog Chronic Ear Problems

All Dog chronic ear problems can be successfully treated at affordable prices at Hanly Vets. Call us on (08) 9459 5595 to book an appointment for a check up.

after ear resection
after ear resection
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