Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers available from Hanly Vets centrally located to everywhere in Perth Western Australia.

Breeders located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, NSW, Darwin, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, Perth, or New Zealand. perhaps a Breeders located in a remote or rural part of Western Australia,

Good news for Eastern States Pet Breeders

You can now buy pre paid sterilisation vouchers at an affordable price. Hanly Veterinary Clinic in Perth Western Australia is a member of the National Desexing Network Hanly Veterinary Clinic is accredited in Western Australia and, provides affordable pre paid sterilisation vouchers for all Pet owners and breeders. You may purchase Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers online by simply adding them to your cart. Instructions for redeeming the vouchers are printed on the sterilisation voucher as a reminder and guide for new pet owners, and can be redeemed at the centrally located Hanly Veterinary clinic in Maddington WA. All of our Pre paid vouchers are sent to you by mail at no charge. Please clearly note: You are purchasing a pre paid voucher for a Pet to have the procedure completed meaning the new pet owner will be able to take their pet to Hanly Veterinary clinic for a pre arranged appointment to be sterilised by a Veterinarian. Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers for Cats & Dogs can be found here

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