Hanly Vets welcome your new family Cat
and offer sound advice

Basic things you need for your Cat or Kitten.

3 x bowls.

  • two for permanent fresh clean water changed regularly during each day and as many times as necessary. (in hot weather, this could be as much as 4 or 5 times per day)
  • one bowl is for inside
  • one bowl is for outside insuring your Pet always has water available.
  • The third bowl is for meals, and should be thoroughly cleaned after each meal ready for the next meal.
  • Fresh clean drinking water is very important at all times.


  • A Cat brush for regular grooming and removal of loose hair.

Toys are important

  • A good variety of sensible and safe Cat toys, Small Sizes can be easily purchased anywhere nowadays. However just because they are available does not mean they are necessarily safe! The majority are, some are not.
  • The larger the pet store the larger the choice and range.
  • Please make sure you are buying “SAFE” Cat toys for your pet, as Kittens tend to nibble & chew parts of toys.

Dog food

  • See information about Diet


  • You will need to Become aware of the Cat laws that came into effect in November 2013 and keep your Cat safe, within the laws and remaining on your property!
  • See our fact sheet about safety around the home and garden for pets.

A Litter tray-scooper

  • A Litter tray scooper is a little shovel much like a dustpan and brush excepting its especially designed for picking up Cat poop from Litter trays, you may also find this handy for cleaning up Cat poop from your Garden


  • A comfortable and suitable sized bed and their own blanket to snuggle in.
  • It’s best to have more than one blanket, so one can be used whilst the other is in the wash.
  • Wash your Cats bedding regularly to keep it clean and smelling fresh.


  • Shampoo that is safe for Cats and their sensitive skin,
  • We can provide an excellent natural shampoo for Cats from our clinic.
  • Your Cat will also need a towel of their own.

Cat collar with Bell and ID Tag

Cat Scratching post

  • A Cat Scratching post is considered Cat furniture, your cat will prefer to use it instead of sharpening its claws on your furniture

All Cats must be Sterilised

  • If you have received an un sterilised Cat or Kitten without an accompanying sterilisation voucher Please contact us for appointment to discuss and book for sterilisation.


  • A Microchip for permanent identification.
  • Please contact us for appointment. see information about Microchips.

Vaccinations Yearly.

  • Please contact us for appointment.

Flea protection.

  • Please contact us, one of our qualified nurses will help you with this.

Worming treatment.

  • Please contact us, one of our qualified nurses will help you with this.


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