Hanly Vets explain how to give medication to your Dog or Cat

About Giving Medication

Forcing pills down your friend’s throat is a BIG NO NO! All beings have feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, as well as an acute sense of taste and smell. We are all basically the same.

You wouldn’t like pills forced down, or a syringe of nasty tasting liquid to suddenly go “splat” at the back of your throat! Please DO NOT do it to your pet.

Place tablets into cheese, cream cheese, butter, chocolate, nutella, meat, pate, cooked sausage, raw sausage, or try crushing it to hide in any of these foods. If your pet likes watermelon try hiding medication in that too.
For liquids you can add sugar to improve the taste, SLOWLY inject into the side of the mouth, let your Pet swallow bit by bit.

For cats liquid is best if possible, liquid antibiotics, or worming paste. If you do have to give your cat a tablet, crush it into butter or pate or try hiding it in a very small meal, once the tablet is eaten, you can top up your cats meal. If you make the meal to big or the usual size you’ll never know for sure if your cat has eaten the pill.

Don’t force tablets down your pets throat it’s not nice and they tend to get head shy and scared. Be nice to your Pet. Always show respect for them and remember you are invading his or her body without consent, so be gentle considerate and kind. Yes a small bit of MILK chocolate daily does not harm your Dog or Cat.

Dark chocolate on the other hand, can be harmful to a Pet and should be avoided.

Please see the Article here. The Truth about giving your pet chocolate.



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