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Home Made Food For Pets

Clients consistently ask what many have asked over the years;

  • Can my Dog eat what I eat?
  • Can my Cat eat what I eat?
  • What about home cooked food for Dogs

In General, Natural diets with lots of variety in sensible balanced amounts are the best diet for your Dog, Cat, Ferret, Rabbit, Guinea Pigs or Birds.

Lets talk about Cats and Dogs;

Generally speaking, what you eat, your pet can eat in a balanced diet. All foods are okay if given in sensible mixed amounts. A normal healthy balanced diet avoids excess in any meal. Two smaller meals daily are much better than one large meal.

When two smaller meals are provided the pet is less likely to gulp food ravenously, and the stomach is not overloaded with one big meal.
When dogs eat ravenously gulping food down, they also tend to swallow air causing gas, which can easily result in “Bloat”, a serious often life threatening condition requiring emergency surgery to prevent death.

Diet for Cats:

Cats are true carnivores basically meat eaters, However cats will eat many different food including vegetables, fruit, (raw or cooked),
cheese, egg, pasta, rice and so on, So give your cat a variety, see what it likes and you will be surprised. Biscuits and canned food are unnecessary additives to their diet.

Diet for Dogs:

Dogs will basically eat anything but the best diet is a balanced fresh food diet. For example; cooked rice or pasta, vegetables and roo meat. To add some flavour you can add a beef or chicken cube. Or you can try other quality meats including beef, chicken, fish, camel, goat, preferably the lean meats.

Obesity in Pets:

Feed your dog or cat a balanced fresh food diet split into two meals daily with less meat than pasta and vegetables, keep them regularly exercised and your dog or cat should be a healthy weight, avoid general biscuits, canned foods and sausage style rolls with their additives.

The Hanly Veterinary Team is here to help, please contact us if you have any concerns about your pets diet or pop in to talk to us with your pet if you suspect you pet is overweight.


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