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Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital
provide affordable sterilisation and microchips for all pets.

For the benefit and protection of All Cats

As we should all be aware, back on the 1st November 2013 The Australian Governments New Cat Laws became mandatory.

This means that by law all cats must be microchipped, sterilised, vaccinated and wear an ID tag. This is a winner for the Cats of Australia as it saves lives, protects cats, and will go a long way towards ensuring better lives for those cats that may have otherwise ended up in refuge and rescue establishments, giving existing older cats a higher potential for adoption therefore having the opportunity to get a much deserved family & new home.

The National Desexing Network

Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital are Accredited Members of the The National Desexing network

The National Desexing network is committed to ending the killing of healthy homeless Cats and Dogs by assisting pet owners to find quality affordable desexing (Sterilisation).

Desexing prevents accidental and unwanted litters and gives the homeless Cats & Dogs of your community a greater chance of finding a home. By assisting your community to de-sex their Cats and Dogs you are directly responsible for saving lives of orphan cats & Dogs already waiting in homes and shelters.

Your participation in our program will help us achieve a brighter future for Australian’s Cats and Dogs and for your community.

Thank you for your commitment and compassion.

In Western Australia Accreditation has been awarded to:




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