The Truth About Giving Dogs Chocolate

Is it OK to give my dog a chocolate treat?

Can I give my Dog or Cat Chocolate?

What quantities and what type are we talking about…..

Some humans can’t touch peanuts, crayfish, prawns, tomatoes, penicillin or even vaccines. Some humans die from anaphylactic shock within minutes, others develop hives, or gastric enteritis. This is the same with animals. All are exceptions, rare individuals within a large population. The same applies to your pets which brings me to the chocolate mythology.

Chocolate is one of those delicious and delightful foods everyone loves; including your dog and cat. Chocolate comes in White, Light brown (also known as milk chocolate) and then there’s Dark Chocolate.

The problem in the odd dog is that the bromide content can damage the kidneys and in the rare case can cause death.

White Chocolate:

contains only a little amount of bromide, so it is fairly safe even in large amounts.

Light Brown Chocolate (milk chocolate):

Milk chocolate has low bromide, so a sensible amount can be given on the odd occasion. By (sensible amount) this means; one chocolate frog for a Large dog. See the quantities below.

Avoid giving Pets Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: Definitely NO

Dark Chocolate of any kind is very high in bromide and should be avoided.

Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate is OK on the odd occasion in sensible amounts.

DOGS (Adult Size)

  • One Milk Chocolate frog for a Large or Extra Large dog.
    (Golden Retriever or Great Dane size)
  • One Square of Milk chocolate for a Medium dog.
    (Cocker Spaniel, or British Bull Dog size)
  • 1/2 Square for a Small Dog. (Shih Tzu, Poodle, Fox Terrier Size)
  • 1/4 Square for a Very Small or Tiny Dog (Pomeranian or Chihuahua Size)

CATS (Adults)

  • 1/4 Square for a Cat

In Moderation

Again as with all things, use common sense, avoid extremes. Don’t feed 500-700 grams of chocolate at once. However don’t deprive your pet a few simple pleasures in life and chocolate is definitely one of them. Remember if you have a nip (small shot) of brandy it is medicinal, but a bottle is toxic.

The message from Hanly Vets is, give treats in moderation; take the middle path in all things.








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