Choker chains

We have always considered choker chains and some dog leads inhumane, torture and animal cruelty.

Long term damage

Choker chains‚Äč cause long term damage to dogs neck vertebrae as well as pain, osteoarthritis, front leg lameness, partial radial nerve paralysis. Irreversible lameness and debilitation and chronic pain in dogs 6-10 years old.

Short term damage

Severe neck injury, fracture of neck vertebrae, fracture of larynx, internal hemorrhage (bleeding), choking, respiratory distress, even death where restraint was severe, excessive and traumatic. Severe bruising of throat and neck muscles and disc damage. This can occur at any age, pups included.


A halti when used correctly can be used for easy effective harmless control.

Chest harness when fitted correctly and of the right size are comfortable for dogs and offer easy effective harmless control with no damage and no problems.

Non violence and love is the best form of discipline

Instead of choker chains, try dog training and discipline with love and kindness rather than violence.

Dog Harness
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