Kittens are now available for adoption

Please express interest by completing the adoption form online. The form is best completed on a Desktop or Laptop computer. When a Kitten or adult Cat is adopted from us, they are already Microchiped, and Vaccinated. Adult cats have also been sterilised. Young Kittens will return to our Veterinary clinic once they are old enough to be sterilised.

Kitten Shopping List

Things you need ready for when you take your new kitten home:


  • High Quality Kitten food (designed for growing kittens)
  • Kitten Bed (allowing for growth)
  • Soft small blanket to snuggle and hide in
  • Kitten safety collar
  • Kitten brush
  • A dozen or so stimulating safe Kitten toys
  • A Cat Nip Toy (for calming and comfort)
  • Small cardboard box to play in and around
  • Cat Litter
  • Litter Tray
  • Litter tray liners
  • Litter fork (small shovel) for intermittent poop disposal.
  • 3 Ceramic, stainless, or glass food bowls, (Water – Wet food and Dry food)
  • Non Slip Pet feeding Mat (to catch the food that goes over the edge)
  • Scratching post (this is a piece of Cat furniture) to save yours. The bigger the better.
  • Cat Transport Crate (safe travel box) for visits to the Vet.

Things to consider when making the decision to adopt a Kitten

Firstly other pets in the family. How will existing Pets feel? Will the new Kitten feel safe with existing pets?
All Kittens are small, cute and cuddly when young, they all have cute little faces and loving eyes, it’s so easy to fall in love. However please remember that all Kittens turn onto cute adult cats, some will still be cuddly, and some turn out to be not so small.

Kittens don’t look after themselves

Kittens need a healthy well balanced, good quality diet designed especially for developing young felines. Kittens also need plenty of sleep (Cat-naps), and should not be woken or disturbed while napping.
When awake, and for a well balanced up bringing, they need mental stimulation to help develop their senses, lots of play activities in between naps, and interesting (safe) cat toys to stimulate their brains.

Kittens, just like adult Cats need a sense of security, somewhere to relax and claim as their home, reliability in routine and regularity at meal times, Kittens need several small meals and need feeding at least 3 times per day. Breakfast, lunch and tea, are great places to start a Kittens regular routine.

Felines are Territorial

Do your neighbors have adult dominant Cats, are there a few adult Cats living in your street? Another thing to consider will be keeping your kitten indoors and safe.

Cat Laws

Older Kittens and Adult Cats, must be de sexed, Vaccinated and Microchipped, and wear a suitable Cat Safe collar with an ID tag. Our Kittens have been Microchipped, Vaccinated, wormed, and will be de sexed as soon as they are of a suitable age. If you decide to adopt a Kitten as a member of your family, you will be required to re visit us when the Kitten is old enough to be de sexed.

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