Case Study

Meet Howell

Howell is a much loved Black Labrador Retriever in his senior years who was suffering from progressive paralysis and in severe pain.


Pet: Dog
Breed: Labrador
Pets Name: Howell
Age: 11 Years


The progressive paralysis condition in Howells front legs and hind legs was getting worse over a time span of two years. Eventually Howell became in so much pain he cried if he moved. The day came when Howell was no longer able to get up off the floor, walk or move himself.

Radiography Results

Radiograph results revealed and confirmed Howell had severe osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylosis; fusion, and spinal compression affecting his fore and hind legs and he was in very severe pain.


“We are a dedicated lateral thinking Veterinary Team. We care for pets well being above all else rather than euthanasing”

Dr. Gary Hanly B.V.S.c., M.R.C.V.S

Analyzing Our Problem

We had to think outside of the box and come up with an innovative surgical plan to save Howell and free him from suffering and pain. Our objective was to give Howell a pain free life with a reasonably high expectation and hope of improving his quality of life for the remainder of his senior years. We were well aware this would be no easy task, but we were determined to do what we could to save him and free him from pain.

Creating A Surgical Solution

The Plan was Immobilisation of vertebrae T12-L3 using a special plate and screws into vertebral spinous process. The Spinous processes are the ridges that can be felt through the pets skin along the back of the spine. 2 special surgical plates were positioned with precision and held securely in place with a special type of surgical screws and cortical nuts. Immediately after surgery K-Laser Therapy was used to aid in the healing process read more about how K-Laser therapy helps in this process.



The Results

Howell was up on his feet and walking again 3 days after surgery. K-Laser Therapy was used after surgery to aid the healing process. 1 month later Howell was running and playing like puppy again with no detectable pain . We are more than excited with these amazing results.


Expected Recovery


Zero Detected Pain


Improved Quality of Life


We love what we do and live for what we love

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“We are a dedicated lateral thinking Veterinary Team. We care for pets well being above all else rather than euthanasing”

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