Case Study

Meet Ralph

A 4-year-old male American Staffy presented to us with Chronic Skin Abscess that had been happening for 15 months.


Pet: Dog
Breed: American Staffy
Pets Name: Ralph
Age: 4 Years


Long Term Chronic Skin Abscess

His skin was covered in Boil like lesions,
pus and was discharging.

The Test Results

We took various cultures where sent to the laboratory’s to isolate the bacteria and the results came back with Serratia marcesens: Combination of Staph, Haem E.coli.

Chronic Skin Abscess

Traditional Treatment

To treat all the abscess, we opened them up and drained and treated them all separately.

Ralph was put on various of different courses of antibiotics over the course of the months.

We also carefully scrubbed his wounds weekly with manuka honey, neem oil and salt.

His skin had a poor response to the different antibiotics and cleansing after 12 months.


Laser Treatment

We started Ralph on laser therapy.

Ralph had a starting regeim of Laser treatment 2 times a week for 2 months followed by laser treatment sessions once a week.

We are please with the result, Ralphs skin has sucessfully healed following laser therapy.

 read more about how K-Laser therapy helps in this process.



Skin had a poor response to the different antibiotics

Fistulas destroyed the anus
Fistulas destroyed the anus

We are please with the result, Ralph’s skin has successfully healed following laser therapy.


Remarkable Recovery


Zero Detected Pain


Improved Quality of Life


We love what we do and live for what we love

“We are a dedicated lateral thinking Veterinary Team. We care for pets well being above all else rather than euthanasing”

Dr. Gary Hanly B.V.S.c., M.R.C.V.S

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