Intelligent Pets Large GOLF size Umbrella

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Intelligent Pets Light weight premium
quality SUN WIND RAIN UmbrellaSUN WIND RAIN Umbrella

Protects Brilliantly from Sun, Storms, Wind, and Rain

The Intelligent Pets Umbrella fits two beings comfortably still with room to spare.

Features Include

  • Premium quality fiberglass frame inclusive of all parts
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • Ultra Light weight classic design
  • Automatic ergonomic big push button instant open
  • Easy smooth pull close
  • Inside out Proof
  • High wind storm proof & protects from heavy wind
  • UV coating for Sun protection
  • Fabric Blocks 100% of suns rays
  • Water proof for Rain protection
  • Velcro quick stick fold away strap.
  • Top blunt rounded Safety spike.
  • Safety protectors on all points.
  • Ergonomic easy grip handle
  • Ultra light heavy duty foam grip handle
  • Handle is soft to touch – perfect shape.
  • Instantly dry after heavy rain with a quick shake.
  • Premium Golf Sized Umbrella

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All proceeds from this Intelligent Pets Sun Wind Rain Umbrella Promotional Product contribute towards ongoing work within our Re homing & rehabilitation Program.
Read more about our Re homing program here.

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