Pre paid Cat Vaccination Voucher



Pre paid Vaccination voucher for  Cats

To redeem this veterinary vaccination procedure contact Hanly Veterinary clinic Tel: (08) 94595595 during opening Contact Hanly Vet to make an appointment.

Pre paid Cat Vaccination Voucher

With this procedure a Vaccination Certificate will be provided as proof of vaccination for your pet. If your pet is new to the Family, your Pet’s Breeder will provide you with a existing current Vaccination Certificate or a pre paid vaccination voucher like this one. It is now a mandatory Australian law for Breeders to also provide a pre paid sterilisation voucher as well, prior to the sale of cats. Contact Hanly Vet We are here to help.

Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital Opening Hours are:

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 7:00pm
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Sunday Closed
Our Phone number (08) 9459 5595 and address is on the Pre Paid Sterilisation Voucher.

Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital
2020 Albany Highway, Maddington 6109 WA.

Information for Pet owners

  • Your Pet’s Breeder will provide you with a Vaccination Certificate or a pre paid vaccination voucher
  • Microchip Registration Document with included Microchip number for your pet.


  • Pre Paid Redeemable Voucher for Sterilisation and Vaccination
  • Pre Paid Redeemable Microchip Voucher (if your pet has not already been Microchipped at the time of Vaccination)

Pre paid Cat Vaccination Voucher

It is normal and usual for some Breeders located either in the Eastern States, NZ, or outside of Western Australia or Perth metro area, to provide Pre Paid vaccination Vouchers and or Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers to new Pet owners who reside in Perth WA, where they can conveniently have the procedure done at Hanly Veterinary Clinic & Hospital in Maddington.

About Sterilisation and Microchip pre paid vouchers

A Reminder to All CAT BREEDERS. When you purchase a voucher for a Kitten or Cat, we recommend kittens be sterilised at 6 – 8 months of age, prior to becoming sexually mature reaching breeding age. Please make sure you purchase correctly for Male or Female Cats as there is a variation in price as well, as in the event the new pet owner leaves it too long before making the appointment, it will be the responsibility of the new pet owner to pay any additional costs associated with Females accidentally becoming pregnant. For this reason it is important for New Pet owners to book on-time and in advance at the appropriate age of the pet to redeem the sterilisation voucher avoiding additional costs. Pet Breeders are advised to follow up with their new owners and remind them not to leave it until the Pet is sexually active where accidental pregnancy is a real possibility.

If not already microchipped, micro chipping can be done at the same time. Some breeders prefer this option as the procedure is also done whilst the pet is under anesthetic and won’t feel a thing. All sterilised pets are provided with a certificate of sterilisation. See microchip pre paid vouchers for more information about microchips and the procedure. Please contact us if or have any other queries. We are here to help.

You may also wish to call us on (08) 9459 5595 during opening hours

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Pet Breeders and Owners, Please feel free to contact us at any time to ask questions about our Pre Paid Sterilisation and or Pre Paid Microchip Vouchers.


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