Hanly Vets clean pets teeth with an ultrasonic scaler

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My Dog has bad breath what can I do?
My Cat has bad breath what can I do?

Advice about Pet’s Teeth

Check your pet’s teeth regularly every 6 months.
If the mouth smells or you see red angry gums it’s likely your pet has teeth problems.

Common cause of bad breath, tooth ache & gum pain in dogs and cats:

Tartar, decayed teeth and or gum infection.
RCheck Pets Teeth regularly arely; a tumor may be present.

Lift the side of the mouth to view the teeth and gums. We all know what it’s like to have tooth ache, very painful, distressing as well as miserable. It’s like this for your pet too, Pets rarely show it. Can you imagine the misery they go through in silence with that strong throbbing type of tooth pain?
At Hanly Vet our philosophy is “May all creatures be happy and free from suffering”

How can your dog or cat tell you they have a tooth ache?

You need to remember to check your pet’s teeth, mouth, and gums regularly, as well as when you detect any odour of any kind, bad breath or smells.

What we can do


Decayed teeth can be extracted and the remainder cleaned with our ultrasonic scaler.


If decayed teeth are not removed infection can enter the body causing organ disease, specifically Liver and Kidney infections.

If Me Can You CanIf Me Can You Can

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